Le Bureau vs Serviced Office

Our co-working space provides permanent desks rented for a minimum of a month for a low fixed charge. There is no deposit, no contract, and a minimum notice period of only 7 working days. Included in the low monthly fixed charge is free use of meeting rooms, high speed broadband, printing, teas/coffees, visitor parking and more. There are ABSOLUTELY no extras. So Le Bureau provides wonderful facilities with unrivalled flexibility.

But in addition, we create a hugely welcoming atmosphere in which Members can meet other like-minded entrepreneurs – to socialise, to network or indeed to do business with. In part our open plan layout facilitates this social interaction. In part the monthly events that our engaging team organise ensures it!

So all in all, at Le Bureau, you can have great facilities at low cost, with very limited commitment, and within a stimulating community.

Potential new Members often consider local Serviced Offices as an alternative.

The figures below compare and contrast what a 4-person business would pay and get at Le Bureau vs a dedicated office in a local Serviced Office complex.

The key differences are:
– Le Bureau is open plan
– Le Bureau is about half the cost
– Le Bureau requires much less of a financial commitment
– Le Bureau is a vibrant experience


4 Person Space
(One-Off Costs)
Serviced Offices
(Own Office)
Le Bureau
(Co-Working Space)
Total One-off Costs£11,190£0

*Deposit – 3 months minimum.

4 Person Space
(Running Costs)
Serviced Offices
(Own Office)
Le Bureau
(Co-Working Space)
Total Running Costs£31,927£18,446
*Business Rates£3,447£0
*Meeting Rooms£3,900£0
*Visitor Parkingtypically n/a£0

*Business Rates – may get small biz rates relief.
*Meeting Rooms – minimum £25 per hour in Serviced Office vs free at Le Bureau.
*Visitor Parking – not available in Serviced Office, free at Le Bureau.

Le Bureau is half the cost, more flexible and hugely more sociable!

 Serviced Offices
(Own Office)
Le Bureau
(Co-Working Space)
Total Cost Over 2 Years£75,044£36,892
Minimum term2 Years1 Month
Notice period6 Months7 Days
Community/Events/Networkingnoneat least one event/month
Valentines Day
Chinese New Year
Bunga Bunga night
Pub quiz night
Royal Wedding
Summer Party
Games night
Wine tasting
Xmas Party
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