The Pod: Coworking Space London

In episode 6 “The Pod”, Denise Waterman chats with the team behind Le Bureau, a beautiful boutique coworking space in Battersea.

Denise: Welcome to the pod in Putney; unfortunately it is raining outside but we’re nice and warm inside. I’m joined today by Paul, Kinga and Magda from Le Bureau, the boutique coworking space in Battersea. What is it all about Le Bureau?

Paul: So Le Bureau is an open-plan coworking space in Battersea and we have over 200 desks and a set of meeting rooms and other facilities in which some 90 plus businesses make their home with us.

Denise: And what kind of people do you find come and join you?

Kinga: We have all sorts of companies and all sorts of entrepreneurs in our office. I mean you name it from architects, for cleaning companies, accountants; I mean you name it; we have it all, yes.

Denise: So what is included if I join Le Bureau?

Magda: In Le Bureau, everything is included in one simple price. You pay monthly upfront and you’ve got meeting room’s facilities, Skype pods, printing facilities, teas and coffees. So pretty much everything; and also once a month, we organise social events where again everything is included.

Denise: And why would people come and join your company, what makes you different?

Kinga: What makes us different; first of all, I think that we are very personal. We are very personal and we try for Le Bureau to be an extension of your home. So every time you come into work, you feel like you come into your own place. If you need help with or support with anything, we are there to help you.

So compared to other companies where you have to log a call or call and speak to people on the phone; whenever you need a help or support with something, you just come in to us and you speak to us in person and we are there to help you.

Denise: You’ve got some small businesses there but I understand you had some really big businesses join you recently.

Paul: It’s very interesting; the world of coworking five years ago and certainly ten years ago was seen as being the world that was appropriate to only the smallest of companies. I mean almost as though, a bigger company would only go there if they weren’t able to access their own space and there was therefore something kind of strange about it.

In fact over the last five years or so, we’ve seen that as an understanding of just how good coworking can be, more established companies, larger companies have shown an interest in us, either as a way of putting off, hopefully for forever; the point at which they consider leases and deposits and guarantees and all that sort of thing; or maybe where an overseas company thinking of planting a flag in the UK and instead of taking on their own premises, they plonk a team in to Le Bureau and so we are the UK marketing headquarters of a very delicious beer.

We’re also the location for an Asian telecoms company who whilst they have places and spaces in the UK, they’re delighted to put a significant size team with us because that team will flex up and down and as a result they are able to flex the amount of space that they take up and down and therefore their costs up and down.

So increasingly, we’ve become relevant to companies above the size of the ones and twos; we remain relevant to though that important group of people; but the relevance has extended and we’re delighted to welcome all comers.

Denise: So what would you say to anyone considering coming along to see?

Paul: Come and have a look. Absolutely come down, don’t just take my word for it; come and meet the team, the Le Bureau team; come and see and feel and touch the environment: see the meeting rooms, sit on a desk, take a trial day. We offer free trial day, have a go, see what it’s like, talk to some of the other businesses and understand just how– what it is that attracted them in the first place and why they have chosen to remain with us.

Denise: Well thank you all for joining us here in the pod. Paul, Kinga and Magda from Le Bureau. Now you heard their offer, if you would like to trial it; if you’d like to go along to Le Bureau and just have a taster, to see what it’s like; then please take a look at the website below and they’ll be only too happy to meet you.

I’m Denise Waterman and we’re here in the pod in Putney for South West London television.

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