The rise of co-working spaces

Our community manager, Magdalena Skrok, discusses why there’s a growing trend for employees to ditch their main offices and set up camp in co-working spaces

The concept of a co-working space is no longer just for start-ups trying to find their feet. Co-working spaces are redefining the work culture and creating spaces which cater to companies of all shapes and sizes. So, what’s behind their success?

FOMO – fear of missing the office

Working from home may sound idyllic to anyone who has commuted during rush hour, butthere are some downsides. For instance, mental health charity, Mind has highlighted that remote workers may be at a higher risk of feeling lonely and isolated.

Many employees will admit that they fear being out of sight leads them to feeling ‘out of mind’. They want to be in office to be visible. Others don’t like feeling out of the loop when working at home. Harriet King, client manager at Milk & Honey PR, said: “When working from home, I feel disconnected from my colleagues, even though I am only a phone call away. It comes down to the whole ‘FOMO’ feeling. The openness of the ‘office’ here at Le Bureau keeps me feeling connected – not just to my own colleagues but to a wider group of people. Chatting to people in the kitchen while making a mid-morning coffee can change my outlook on the whole day.”

Of course, being around other people is not what’s always needed during the working day. When greater concentration is needed, ‘quiet zones’ can provide a good compromise. This year at Le Bureau we introduced private offices for those wishing to work with a little more privacy.

Flexible scaling

Working 9-5 is becoming a thing of the past. More and more firms are ditching their central offices entirely or setting up camp in co-working spaces to encourage flexible working

Co-working spaces can encourage a better work-life balance because people aren’t paying for desks when they’re not using them. At Le Bureau, we offer a ‘hot desk’ option where workers pay per day. Further, the space is open 24/7 so workers can choose when they work. Ideal for those who do the school or nursery run in the morning, or night owls who prefer to work late at night.

Cost benefits – low financial risk

With the cost of rent going up for both consumers and businesses, we recognise that companies want flexibility when paying for work space. We offer low and fixed monthly charges per desk – and no joining fee or deposit. Businesses or solo flexible workers can sign up for as long or little as they want. This flexibility is why co-working spaces work so well for high-growth businesses. They can simply add desks without having to re-locate offices. The fee also including high-speed broadband, use of meeting rooms, printing and parking also means there are no surprises and costs can be well managed.

Network and business opportunities

Tenants at Le Bureau say that being in a co-working space fuels collaborative opportunities. Every quarter, we host networking events where workers come together for drinks and food in the members lounge. We have new companies join us on a weekly basis, so we actively encourage everyone to get to know their ‘neighbour’.

“Having large groups of members who work in the different industries not only creates a natural conversation and collaboration, it also builds networking opportunities that help various parties grow alongside each other. We met our PR agency at a member’s event here at Le Bureau. They were tucked around the corner from us. We wouldn’t have bumped into each other if it wasn’t for this event!”, says Michael Krayenhoff, co-founder of dating app The Inner Circle.

Find out more about Le Bureau and how it can help accommodate your business here.

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