Hot cakes in Battersea’s hot desks

Ah, the good, old-fashioned bake sale. Cakes been raising money for charity for as long as Blue Peter has been handing out badges and in our hot-desking Battersea office it seems that cakes sell like… well, hot cakes.

And who doesn’t love a bake sale? From the guilt-free indulgence of diving into a cake buffet to the gratification of helping those in need, it is little wonder that bake sales have remained so popular for so long, or that Le Bureau opted to hold one in aid of Stroke Association.


It was also a chance for Le Bureau’s co-workers to bring something extra-special to the table. Members excelled themselves, producing a bounty of delectable edibles that ranged from salted caramel cookies to Raspberry Nutella cupcakes and classic Victoria sponges.

Le Bureau members showing their support for Stroke Association

It was fantastic to see so many members rolling up their sleeves (and wielding their rolling pins) but our non-bakers also rose admirably to the challenge, donating generously in favour of paying a fixed price. They came, they saw, they paid lots of money and they ate lots of cake.

Le Bureau ate a LOT of cake.

Battersea co-workers get stuck into a charity bake sale

And did we succeed? By heck we did. In our shared office space alone, Battersea’s finest raised a mighty £196.81 for an incredibly worthy cause.

Stroke Association raises money both in the UK and overseas, funding vital research into the causes and treatments for stroke. It also provides advice and support  to stroke sufferers and their families and tirelessly campaigns to make more people aware of the warning signs. In short, Stroke Association saves lives.

A bake sale in a shared office in Battersea

So here’s to many more bake sales. Here’s to a new generation of Le Bus donning their aprons and having a bash at a bake – no matter the outcome. And here’s to many, many more hundreds of pounds being raised for many more brilliant causes.


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