How Eatupp is revolutionising the office lunch

If your lunch is getting increasingly lacklustre, you need to know about Eatupp, an innovative food delivery service that is changing the way busy Londoners fuel their day. Eatupp’s Beth Thayne explains why your office lunch could, and should, be more than a humble sandwich.

Hey Beth. What is Eatupp? 

Eatupp is a breakfast and lunch delivery service that delivers food to busy, working Londoners. We are a purely online business, with all orders placed through our website Our food is freshly prepared each day by a team of chefs in our Battersea kitchen; we pack it up ourselves then our drivers bring it to your desk.

Ordering is really simple. Start by entering your postcode on our site, which brings up our menu page. It is all clearly divided into different sections like Breakfast (which is available to order until 11am), our Deli Menu – which rotates weekly – and our Market Boxes which rotate every one to two days and are typically hot dishes or filling, wholesome salads. Customers pick a half hour time slot to have their food delivered.

Pea and courgette risotto OH

What’s the inspiration behind the brand?

It was born out of a need for convenience but we have a strong belief in good quality, delicious food.

Work all too often gets in the way of eating properly – you end up settling for a sub-standard sandwich and a disappointing packet of crisps because that’s the only convenient option available. A lot of offices have work canteens, which don’t provide the best food, but some offices have no access to good food at all; we’re trying to solve these problems so that every meal, regardless of where you are or what time you have available, is fresh and wholesome.

There are numerous food delivery services out there – how does Eatupp differ?

We are very different because we focus exclusively on breakfast and lunch. We work hard to develop recipes that are perfect for a morning boost and extra fuel in the afternoon, and we provide it at an affordable price. Our model is built on delivery density, which is how we keep the cost of food so low; by delivering to multiple people in the same offices, we can reduce the time, energy and cost of delivery, as well as saving on packaging and fuel.


We really are the only affordable lunch delivery service in London. Unlike a brand like Deliveroo, that also offers lunch-time delivery, we make all of our food ourselves and are in control of it from the moment it arrives in our kitchen to the moment it arrives at your desk.

Our food is delicious  – we’re fairly confident about that – and our service is pretty smooth. Over the next year we are looking to develop some new tech solutions to make ordering even easier for customers and make the whole process more slick.

Have you seen a demand for more complex and interesting dishes at lunchtime?

People have access to healthier, more exotic food in their everyday lives so it was natural that the lunch market would follow suit. We have a split menu: half is fairly traditional lunch options like baguettes, salad pots, bagels, things that people think of as a good lunch, but we always add our own twists with flavours and ingredients. With even high street chains like Pret a Manger expanding and diversifying their menu, we reckon it won’t be long before the ham sandwich has had its day.


What are your most popular dishes?

Lasagne is always popular, as well as our salmon fishcakes and halloumi and rocket brioche – people cannot get enough of halloumi! One of the great things about Eatupp is that it caters for everyone. I’m a vegan, but I love the cauliflower korma with coconut rice.

How often do you update your menu?

Our Market Boxes change every one to two days to keep the menu fresh and exciting, Our Deli Menu changes every week. We have a lot of customers who order from us every day, and we want to offer them a bit of variety. We really want to be the everyday go-to option for lunch, so mixing it up and keeping things fresh is a way to keep our customers interested in our food.


Do you have a loyalty scheme?

This is something we are working towards but at present, we do offer a subsidised lunch scheme. An employer might contribute, say, £2 per day for each of the employees, and generally those customers order lunch from us every day, which is really great to see.
In the future, we would love to have a loyalty scheme in place. We have a lot of loyal customers who we really want to reward for supporting us and joining us on the Eatupp journey.

Want a taste? Eatupp is offering new and existing customers £5 off their next order*. Just enter code hello-lebureau when you go to check out. Enjoy!

(*One per customer, redeemable on one order only)

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