7 reasons why coworking in London is basically the best

Coworking is taking the UK by storm. A new hot desk space seems to pop up somewhere the country every other month – yet London still leads the way in the coworking revolution. Coworking in London is  recognised as a viable, and often preferable way of working, especially for small businesses and start ups. But why?

From money saving to instant inspiration, here’s our seven top reasons why coworking in London is basically the best.

1. Private offices come at a cost
It won’t come as a major shock to learn that London is not a cheap place to work. Or live. Or play. Hire of a private office space is an added expense that some small start ups can ill afford when resources are tight.

Add on business rates and service charges and the cost increases; factor in fit-out charges, removal costs and technical services, and the bill starts to seriously add up. In a coworking space, most, if not all of these surplus costs are covered. London flies the flag for coworking offices with added value.

2. Networking – it’s about who you know
Any business, big or small, knows that networking is a key component to success. That said, it is not always easy. London is huge, and fast-paced, which can make networking hard to access and time too precious to waste if an event turns out to be irrelevant to your needs.  Working in a coworking space in London is essentially one big networking opportunity, all day, every day. Strike up a conversation in the foyer, in the kitchen, in the lift, and see what opportunities arise. It really is that easy.

3. Inspiration is on your door-step
Running a successful business takes creative thinking as well as technical know-how. So what happens if you hit a creative wall? The ideas disappear, so anxiety seeps in and stops the ideas from coming back.

London is a rich and constant source of inspiration and you don’t have to work in a creative field to benefit for what it has to offer. The galleries, museums, theatres and restaurants; the parks, the architecture, the music and the bars – they can all give you food for thought from a different perspective. They can be outlets for stuck modes of thinking, and respite for frazzled, over-stimulated minds. If you’re struggling to make sense of a business problem, step outside the office and take advantage of London’s culture. You might be surprised by the results.

4.London is where the big-hitters call home
Every new business strives to some day garner the same respect and plaudits as their long-standing competitors. So it helps to be in amongst them. More than 50% of the UK’s top 100 listed companies have their headquarters in London – everyone from HungryHouse and HSBC to Royal Mail, BSkyB and Cadbury.  Coworking appeals especially to small businesses, so such epic growth might not be part of the master plan but London puts these industry leaders in reach. What could be more aspirational working along side giants?

 5. Meet your work (soul) mate here
If coworking in London is the best choice for your business, chances are like-minded individuals will have decided that coworking in London is right for them, too. By default, you will surround yourself with people who can inspire, help and advise you on your journey. These might be similar-sized start ups who are facing the same issues, or financial and tech advisers who can give you guidance over a cup of coffee. Even having someone who can lend an ear (or a shoulder to cry on) can be enough to renew motivation and re-engergise.

6. There’s room to grow
Just as the metropolis of London sprawls ever outwards, so the city is geared towards business growth. Coworking spaces in London are flexible enough to let your team grow at an organic pace. Hot desks can be taken on with ease. Extra resources are readily available. London is a city that thrives on ingenuity, novelty and sheer energy. These are the precise traits you will find in spades within any coworking space.

7. London still leads the pack when it comes to coworking
Major UK cities like Manchester, Leeds and Nottingham are all cottoning on to the coworking phenomenon but for the most forward-thinking, innovative spaces, you still can’t beat coworking in London. At Le Bureau, the office has been carefully designed to create a relaxed, friendly atmosphere. The office managers are on hand throughout the day to fix everything from the printer to the lights to the coffee machine (vital in any office). These might sound like small things but they are what allow you to maintain a smooth workflow every day. Without them we would all be lost!

There has never been a better time to start coworking in London. So what are you waiting for?


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