6 appealing reasons to become a digital nomad

Digital nomads are changing the way we think about work. Still wondering what they are? Here’s what you need to know and 6 reasons why you should join the pack.

Digital nomads are everywhere at the moment – literally. Go to a coffee shop, a library, a park bench, and you’ll probably find one: they will be tapping away at a laptop, maybe on a conference call, sipping a drink and wearing… well, whatever they want. This is their office, at least for today.

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Digital nomads are leading the change in the way we think about and do our work. They have predominantly online jobs that can be performed from anywhere, so they can choose where they work, although fast WiFi is usually a prerequisite – and a balmy climate doesn’t hurt.

Careers like writing, social media and graphic design all facilitate the digital nomadic lifestyle though many traditional jobs can be adapted if employers are willing. Even language teachers, who would have once been confined to the classroom, can take their skills online.

So what are the benefits to going nomad?

1. You’ll be your own boss

The ultimate dream for many, when you are a digital nomad the only person you have to answer to is you. Want a lie in? Take it. Long lunch? Eat away.

Any downsides? With no one to apply pressure or set deadlines you have to incredibly self-motivated and focused. Also, everyone hates the boss, right?

2. You can travel the world

No more 14 days paid holiday; every day can have that holiday feel when you can work from anywhere. That means sending emails from the beach, or seeing the sights of a brand new city in the evening.

Any downsides? You are not on holiday. It may be 33 degrees outside and clear blue skies, but you still have to get that pitch written.

3. You can vary your work

One day, you might be finishing a project for a corporate client; the next, you might be advising a start up. The digital nomad lifestyle allows you to approach potential clients and projects that you like the look of.

Any downsides? No continuity. Jumping from one project to another may mean you never feel you ever get your teeth into one.

4. You’ll meet lots of new people

Digital nomad communities are famously hospitable; you are all in the same boat and often far away from home.

Any downsides? Missing the friends and family you already know. Not having colleagues with whom to share the ups and downs of work can be tough.

5 Everything you earn is yours

Like freelancers, you are earning solely for yourself (and the tax man, of course). Freelancer rates are usually higher than those for in-house roles and your earning potential is limited only by how much work you can, or want to do.

Any downsides? Not having a fixed income can be hard to adapt to. It makes cash flows and saving difficult and you will still have financial responsibilities like rent, food and travel costs.

6. You can choose your own hours

Work better in the early morning? Put in the hours from 5 am then take the afternoon off. Working abroad may also mean that you are working in accordance with different time zones, giving you added freedom in your day.

Any downsides? 3 am  conference calls.

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