How to cowork in the heat

For all the time we spend talking about the weather, we Brits fall apart whenever we actually have some. Anything beyond the usual mild with a chance of drizzle and transport systems collapse, schools close and offices become empty shells as workers set up at home.

Arguably, this is where coworking comes into its own. Flexible work space means that coworkers can move around in search of comfier, cooler spots, and working for yourself means you can choose when to stop for a drink and a break. But that’s not all. Here’s how to keep calm – and keep working – in the heat?

Flex those minutes

With many coworking spaces open 24/7, now is the time to make time work for you. Working in the early morning and the cool of the early evening skips past the hottest part of the day when you are likely to be less productive. Make like our current EU cousins and take a restorative siesta, or perch with your laptop under an air con vent with some low priority tasks.

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Look cool

Coworking spaces are inherently less formal than corporate offices so members can dress down when the weather requires it. Ditch anything stuffy for smart t-shirts, tailored shorts and loose dresses and – go on – chuck on your flip flops. Call it a perk of the job.

Drink through it

A well-hydrated worker is a productive worker at the best of times but in hot weather, it’s more important than ever as we are all prone to dehydrating quicker. Symptoms of dehydration range from concentration-sapping lethargy and headaches to nausea and even vomiting, so it’s really best avoided. Coworking offices provide water, tea and coffee as standard, although with the latter liable to dehydrate you further it’s a good idea to keep it clear.

Stay shady

The temptation for cooped-up office workers to rush outside and soak up the rays at lunch is ever present. Not only does it risk dehydration (see above) it makes you vulnerable to burning and sunstroke. Stay in the shade to make the most of the heat without any of the ill-effects, or returning to your desk a sad, sodden mess.

Nutritious value

Hot weather can suppress your appetite until you can’t think of anything you’d rather do less than eat – but it’s just as crucial as taking in water. Food hydrates too, and a decent meal will help counteract dizzying, disorientating effects of the hot, hot heat. Most coworking offices have catering options on site making a sweaty trip to the shops redundant; make the most of your lunch hour by grabbing something light and, quite literally, chilling out.

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