5 tips for being a considerate coworker


We all know the overall benefits of coworking are legion, but what of the day-to-day logistics of working in a coworking office? How can you get the most out of a coworking community while being respectful towards other members? We have some tips…

1 Keep it down
Noise can be a real issue in coworking spaces – you are all there to work after all, and loud conversations, ringing phones and music can all act as distractions for fellow members.

If you are taking a longer phone call, it’s polite to step away from your desk and other people; most coworking offices have quiet areas specifically for this purpose. Be mindful of how loudly you interact with your own team and never forget your headphones.

2 Keep it clean
You may be sharing your working space with anything from a handful to hundreds of people. Ensuring your own work station is clean and neat leads to a calmer environment all round but this goes double in communal areas.

Be sure to wash up after yourself, don’t leave tea bags in the sink (a common, coworking gripe) and mop up and spillages that occur during lunch prep. Keep your personal items contained to avoid clogging up work areas for others, and losing them. Which brings us nicely onto our next point…

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3 Finders, returners
It’s so tempting when you’re gasping for a brew to grab the first cup in sight, or to grab any old pen to write down a quick message. Thing is, in a coworking space, that might be a fellow members favourite writing tool or long-cherished cup.

This rule goes double for communal items, such as stationery. Use in situ to avoid staplers/rulers/protractors getting swallowed up in the vortex of your desk and return anything you’ve used promptly to whence it came.

4 Wave hello, say goodbye
Of course everyone is entitled to their privacy and no one will blame you find getting your head down at your desk when work is tough. But coworking spaces, over and above their more conventional office counterparts, are communities; members can act as a sounding board and support system for one another.

Therefore, it goes a long way to say hi to people you pass, make eye contact, maybe strike up some conversation in the kitchen. Getting to know your fellow coworkers not only creates a happier, more inclusive setting but adds to your own sense of belonging.

5 Give and take
Coworking is synonymous with skill sharing. You will often find members from different fields collaborating or giving each other the benefit of their personal expertise with little expected in return.

Yes it requires you to take time out from your own schedule but next time you need legal advice, input on an HR issue, free samples, copywriting or design work or just a strategy chat over a cup of tea, look up and don’t be afraid to ask. On the whole, people love being able to share their wisdom – and in a coworking office, you’re surrounded by it.

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