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Co working is the perfect match for the Inner Circle and Milk and Honey

Kirsty Leighton of Milk & Honey

If we’ve said it once, we’ve said it…well, we’ve said it loads of times: co-working brings businesses together.

A prime example: Le Bureau members and dating app innovators The Inner Circle have employed the services of Le Bureau’s most prestigious PR firm, Milk & Honey to boost the visibility of their globally expanding brand.

It’s an exceptional pairing in terms of business personalities: both companies are relatively young, passionate and energetic, and both have achieved the type of results that businesses double the size dream of.

The partnership is also testament to the networking power of a shared office. According to Michael Krayenhoff, COO and co-founder of The Inner Circle, working near to Milk & Honey meant he ‘could see their impressive growth and client results.’ What better way to demonstrate your company’s prowess to a potential client than by proving your success, day after day?

Sharing an office not only puts you in close proximity to potential clients, it makes for a seamless working relationship, too.

No time wasted travelling to and from each others’ offices; no more energy-sapping email exchanges to decide when is best to have a five minute chat.

Meetings can be arranged on an ad-hoc basis and progress can be relayed over an informal coffee if so desired, meaning both companies have a clear idea of where the project is at any given time.

Co working can also facilitate a more informal working relationship. Thought not right for everyone, partnerships can spring forth from friendships, and vice versa. These are some of the most fruitful, collaborative and creative tie-ups and can lead to fresh, experimental thinking – you’re in it together, so ideas get fleshed out and risks are shared.

The downside to working close to your clients? You’ll be working close to your clients.

There is always the risk that boundaries can be blurred, too much expected or expectations mismanaged – not to mention the temptation to ‘pop over’ and check how it’s all going.

It’s important that both businesses establish a professional, working relationship from the outset and stick to the rules… although there is always a little room for flexibility.

Congratulations to both the Inner Circle and Milk and Honey. We can’t wait to see how working together takes you both forward.

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