Coworking hotels are the latest digs for digital nomads

If there is one thing Millennials love – more than organic coffee, selfies and not having to talk to people in real life – it’s a hybrid. Nothing gives us greater pleasure than bringing together two, beloved ideas together and blending them in perfect unison to create something that is greater than the sum of its parts.

Think the cronut. Think yoga raves. Now open your mind to coworking hotels, the latest trend in our digital age.

More and more, hotels around the world are looking for ways to cater to younger clientele and meet the way an increasing amount of millennials are working – namely, online, remotely, from anywhere at any time.

And when your working hours don’t have a definitive beginning and end, it makes sense that your work space caters for late nights and early starts. Coworking hotels allow users to eat, sleep and work in one place, wherever they may be in the world (millennials also love a mini-break).

These hotels are providing more than the ‘Business Centres’ of yore, too; we’re not talking about a single room with a strip light and a fax machine. Stylish desks are located in the lobby. Rooms are replete with technology. There are amenities on offer to help workers through the 9-whenever day that range from comfy sofas and refreshments to use of gym and leisure facilities.

Communal workspaces are designed to be both beautiful and practical: power points at every station, for instance, or airy and light designs. The coworking hotels at the top of their game realise the importance of community and some even put on events, or provide bar areas where coworkers can hang out and network at the end of the day.

The best bit? If you get carried away discussing your pipeline and have one too many negronis, you’re already home. Then there’s nothing like the crisp, fresh sheets of a hotel bed to leave you refreshed for the next working day (that and the mini bar).

With coworking showing no signs of slowing down, and the leisure industry having to continually innovate to maintain custom, we predict that the coworking hotel is a hybrid that looks set to last. Longer than a cronut, anyway.

3 coworking hotels that are leading the way

Hobo, Sweden

Literally named to entice workers who wander, this Swedish office-come-hotel markets itself on welcoming workers. Rooms are decked out with the handy gadgets, there’s a pop-up exhibition space where start-ups can promote their wares and the hotel connects local brands with companies travelling through.

Hotel Schani Wien, Austria

Schani Wien’s central location is a major plus point for workers on the move, but its 12 coworking desks are available for hotel guests and visitors alike. They are situated in the lobby, which means that the hotel always looks busy and the buzz is a great incentive for coworkers looking to connect. Oh, and it does great coffee, which is essential.

Hotel Tryp by Wyndham, Dubai

Hotel guests at this Dubai hot spot (and Dubai gets REALLY hot) can avail themselves of super slick facilities in the middle of one of the city’s most dynamic areas. Even non-guests can get in on the action by paying for day or week-long passes that also gives them access to the hotel’s gym and pool, as well as discounts in the restaurant.


(Main image:  Shridhar Gupta on Unsplash)

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