Apparently these are the things you should never say in a coworking office

There we were thinking that a major draw of co working is its relaxed approach to rules: wear what you like, come and go as you please, drink as much complimentary coffee as your nervous system can handle…

Then comes along with a list rules about what you should and shouldn’t say when in situ in a shared office.

To be fair, they are sensible suggestions. Don’t hustle your co-workers – they are colleagues, not customers. Don’t ask for ad hoc hang time. Don’t suggest a game of beer pong at lunchtime. All good advice.

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And in the name of balance, the list includes some more positive alternatives: spark conversation about business trends or neutral topics, and respect each other’s space, for instance. We can get behind these too.

It got us thinking about what rules we might advise anyone considering taking a hot desk in Le Bureau. Clearly there are some basics, like ‘wear shoes’ and ‘don’t use up all the milk making experimental mango smoothies’ – but Le Bureau is a microcosm all of its own, and we don’t play by society’s rules. We make our own.

So in the spirit of rules enhancing the fun, we’ve put together some of our own rules for Life in Le Bureau. How many do you adhere to, eh? EH?

Don’t forget your fob! Not only will you have to hover outside the glass doors hoping that a kind passing soul will let you in, you’ll have to wear the Red Fob of Shame as penance.

Wear shoes! OK, this is an actual Le Bureau rule. Just try and pad around in your socks – Kinga can hear the sound of soft foot fall from 100m and will give you a ‘friendly reminder’ that footwear is not optional.

Hang around on Friday! Unlike in other offices, Friday afternoon in Le Bureau is something to hang around for. In case your spreadsheets are just too engrossing and you somehow missed it, 3pm on Friday is officially Cheese And Cake And Beer Time.

Don’t yell into your phone! We have lovely, cosy phone booths for members to take their phone calls. Reign in your phone manner, or there may be complaints. Or blood.

Do say hello in the kitchen! Just like in any home, Le Bureau’s kitchen is very much at its heart. If you’re looking to make friends or business contacts, say hi to fellow co-members when you’re making a cup of tea. You’re guaranteed a friendly response.

Don’t try and bring your dog to work! Trust me, we’ve tried. It’s a hard no.

Do get involved! We are lucky to have fantastic office managers who put on a range of events and treats, from spooky Halloween doughnuts to Caribbean themed nights. An insider tip: go easy on the Wimbledon-themed Pimms.

…and lastly, have fun! Working for yourself or being part of a start up is arduous. Remember to take some time out and have fun once in a while.

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